Although one of the oldest known cat breeds, I’m more lively clown than antique relic. I’m not a cuddler and will resist hugs. This doesn’t mean I’m antisocial; I like people, but on my own terms. I love to be nearby no matter what you’re doing and will often try to help. I’m very curious and athletic—and have a knack for getting into places that are off limits.

I’m a medium-sized cat with a lithe body and regal countenance. My distinctive ticked coat is composed of alternating dark and light bands on each hair, with a dark tip. Colors may be ruddy burnt sienna, cinnamon red, blue, or fawn. My almond eyes may be green or gold. Gum disease, tooth decay, and renal disease are potential health problems. With good care, I should be part of the family for 9 to 15 years.