American Bobtail

In the mood for something new in the feline world? A fairly recent breed, I’m a bright, energetic cat who loves to play games and is devoted to family, including kids. No toy or household pest can escape my predatory skills. I’m moderately energetic but fairly quiet, speaking with an occasional chirp, click, or meow. I do like to be with people—take me out on a leash or in the car to meet the neighborhood!

I’m a medium to large size with a muscular, powerful build. My gaze is bright and alert like a hunter’s, giving me a “wild” appearance. My most distinctive feature is a very short, articulated tail along with tufted ears. The shorthair or longhair comes in all colors and patterns. I’m not prone to any major health problems. With responsible care I’ll be impressing you with my antics for 11 to 15 years.