Looking for a handsome pal to chat with all day? Extremely curious, I’m always getting into things and will tell you about my exploits—and anything else—in a raspy voice. My highly intelligent mind enjoys stimulation, so be ready to teach me lots of tricks. Females tend to be more active and emotionally demonstrative; males are more mellow.

We’re good with children and almost dog-like in our need to be social. Give me a pet friend to play with if the house is empty all day.

Burmese are a solid, muscular breed beneath a short silky coat that requires little grooming. The primary colors are rich tones of sable, champagne, platinum, or blue. Large, rounded eyes give me an alert, playful expression.

I’m generally healthy with slight risks for glaucoma, urinary tract stones, and hyperesthesia (pain sensitivity). With good diet and care I’ll be happily chatting with the gang for 10 to 16 years.