Cue the director—I’m ready for my close-up! With crisp black liner accentuating my round eyes, nose, and lips, I have the air of a movie star. My silky silver-white coat with a variety of colored tips or shading enhances my elegant appearance. I’m a rare breed in the United States, so I’ll definitely command attention.

I’m social, affectionate, and a sweet playmate for children and other pets. I can be clumsy, so don’t automatically blame the kids if something breaks! I do need some independence but enjoy being part of family activities.

My coat may be short or long and can be prone to matting. Weekly brushing will keep me looking my best. I’m a medium-sized breed weighing 8 to 10 pounds and am generally healthy. Possible health issues to watch for are allergies and polycystic kidney disease. With proper care I’ll be striking a pose—or tripping over my toes—for 10 to 15 years.