European Burmese

Think of me as a standard Burmese who went to a Swiss finishing school. I have the same social nature and talk constantly, but my voice is sweeter and softer than my raspy cousin’s. Family, visitors, and other pets become fast friends. I dislike being alone, but will be fine with a feline playmate.

Playful and smart, I love games and learning tricks. I’m very curious and need to know what you’re doing at all times. Females have more attitude; males are more laid back.

My 6- to 10-pound frame is more rounded and less slinky than a Siamese. My short coat may be brown, blue, lilac, apricot, or cream. Weekly use of a curry brush will protect my satiny sheen. I am prone to health issues, including orofacial pain syndrome, enzyme deficiency, diabetes, arthritis, and heart problems. With love and care I’ll be purring in a sunny spot for 10 to 15 years.