Japanese Bobtail

If the average farm tabby is a bit too generic for you, how about a bunny-cat that sings? My pom-pom tail is the first thing people notice—until I start talking. My chirpy voice has so many tones, it sounds like a song! I’m an adaptable cat who gets along with everyone and makes a loving companion. Smart and active, but not hyper, I enjoy a lively game or mental puzzle. Take note, though—I’ll always want to know what you’re doing!

My traditional coat pattern is tricolor, though it can be a variety of solids or patterns with short or long hair. My 6- to 10-pound muscular body is capped by a tail unique to each cat. Brushing or combing twice a week, more during shedding seasons, will control hair.

I’m a very healthy breed with no major concerns. With proper diet and exercise I’ll be serenading the family for 9 to 15 years.