If someone asked you to describe a cat owned by a wizard, it would surely look something like me. With a deep blue coat tipped in silver and big jade green eyes, I have an almost mystical beauty. Considered a good luck charm in my native Thailand, I’m actually quite friendly, cuddly, and playful. Devoted to family, I follow them everywhere and will be gentle with children.

I’m generally quiet and prefer a mellow home, though I do have a full repertoire of sounds to make my opinions known. Of course, I love learning tricks and can even be leash-trained. At times I can act a bit superior.

Weighing 6 to 10 pounds, I won’t achieve my full maturity and beauty for a few years. My short, sleek coat needs brushing only a couple times a week. A very healthy breed, with proper care I’ll cast a loving spell on your household for 10 to 15 years.