Norwegian Forest Cat

Not a big hugger? Then we’ll get along fine. Kind and gentle, I’m not highly affectionate but do appreciate the attention of gentle children. I love family and can be playful, but usually I prefer just watching with adoration. Clear boundaries mean I’m very adaptable.

I’m a great climber; give me a tall perch and I’ll be quite content. A natural hunter with no fear of water, I might see your aquarium as a snack bowl!

My long, lush coat can be any color or pattern, and I have big almond eyes. In summer the coat thins considerably. Prepare for frequent grooming during shedding season, with weekly brushing most of the year to avoid matting.

Born from hearty Scandinavian stock, Wegies are generally healthy with slight risk for hip dysplasia and heart disease. I’m a large cat, weighing 13 to 20 pounds or more. Expect to see me watching from on high for 12 to 16 years.