Looking for a furry friend who’ll go with you everywhere? I’ll follow you and perch on your shoulder, you can carry me around, and I even love walking on a leash! My distinct coat gives me a wild look, but I’m a playful, lovable cat who bonds closely to one person. An active family with other pets is ideal for me. And please be sure to teach me some tricks!

I’m super smart, athletic, and graceful, weighing 6 to 15 pounds. My short, satiny coat comes in a dozen colors, all with rows of dark thumbprint spots on a light background. The trademark M on my forehead denotes my love of mischief. Use of a weekly curry brush and chamois will control hair and make me shine.

I’m generally quite healthy, with only slight risks for kidney and liver problems, enzyme-deficient anemia, and heart disease. With proper care I’ll be your constant home and traveling companion for 10 to 15 years.