With a name like Ragamuffin, you know I have to be one of the sweetest, most adorable cats around. Patient and easygoing, I’ll play tag or dress-up with children and get along fine with other pets. Hold me and I’ll go limp in utter contentment. Like a puppy, I’ll follow you everywhere and I greet guests with a cheerful hello. Emotionally sensitive, I’m a good companion for older adults.

I’m a teddy bear cat, at 10 to 15 pounds with males reaching 20, with full cheeks and big almond eyes. My coat is dense and silky, and it can be any color or pattern. Combing once or twice a week will control shedding and avoid tangles.

My health is generally good, though I am susceptible to heart disease and kidney disease. I can easily put on weight, so please watch the treats! With proper care I’ll be a long-lived and loving companion for 12 to 16 years.