Scottish Fold

With unique forward-fold ears, my face suggests that of a wise old owl. I actually am quite intelligent and will set the parameters of my life, yet I’m surprisingly adaptable to most situations and other animals. I’m quiet, sweet, and generally devoted to one person, but not in need of constant affection.

A little quirky, I’ll often stand on my hind legs or plop in odd poses around the house. I enjoy a game of fetch and solving puzzles using my clever mind and dexterous paws.

I weigh 8 to 13 pounds and have a short coat that requires brushing just once a week. It can be a variety of colors and patterns that include tabby, solid, bicolor, and parti-color.

I can develop heart disease or a painful degenerative joint disease; otherwise I’m a relatively hardy breed. You can expect to enjoy my unique pixie face for 11 to 15 years.