Creative ways to get involved

There are also many creative ways that you can help your local adoption organization and animals in general. Plus, people are always coming up with new ideas. With today’s technology, the simplest way one can help is to share information about adoptable animals, petitions, success stories, and other related information via social media, word of mouth, etc. As with most anything, the more eyes that see these things, the better. Social media has become a huge part of pet adoption and the pet industry in general. Other ways to get involved include educating yourself about how to help a feral cat that happens to be in your neighborhood, helping your local shelter or rescue reach out to business for donations, or maybe even making donations part of your wedding registry. The list goes on and leads all the way to more involved ventures such as starting a foundation/fundraiser or even exploring the option of opening an adoption agency. Use your creativity, and if you have any ideas, do not hesitate to take them to your local shelter or rescue.

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