If you’re looking for an energetic little elf to join your active family, I’m a perfect match. I’m one of the earliest members of the “toy” breeds, standing just under 12 inches tall and weighing between 7 and 9 pounds. Don’t let my tiny size fool you; I’m a sturdy breed. As a terrier I’m pretty brave with a stubborn streak, but I’m quite friendly toward strangers and other dogs. I’m known for mischief and being a bit of a clown. I can bark excitedly when threatened but am quiet overall. With family and familiar friends I’m very loyal and affectionate.

As an active dog I appreciate daily exercise such as indoor games or a short leash walk. My dense, wiry coat requires limited grooming: a brush and comb two or three times a week and two trimmings a year will keep me looking spiffy. My coat may be black, silver, gray, red, a mix of black and tan, or belge. My tail may be docked or natural. I have a slightly shaggy look that matches my goofy personality.

I generally live between 12 and 14 years and am not prone to any major health problems. I do have a slight tendency toward patellar luxation and PDA. I don’t tolerate heat well, so I cannot live outdoors; I prefer to be inside entertaining my family!