Airedale Terrier

People who like confident, take-charge dogs need look no further: I’m the one for you. I’m not one to lie around the house. As a terrier I was bred to do work, and having an active job to do keeps me happy. I’m very bright and learn new tasks quickly. My headstrong attitude and stubborn streak can require some extra patience, and I will try to challenge other dogs for the dominant role. But I’m not all serious; I do have a playful, adventurous side and overall sweet demeanor.

Although considered a medium-sized breed, I’m the largest of all the terriers, standing about 23 inches tall and weighing in at 45 pounds of strong muscle and bone. My outercoat is wiry and dense, with a short undercoat of softer hair. Like most terriers my coat needs minimal maintenance—just a brush or comb at home twice a week and professional grooming every few months. My coat is usually a mix of tan and black with some red.