Alaskan Malamute

If you’ve been impressed by scenes of majestic dogs pulling sleds through the snows of Alaska, then I might be a trusted, loyal addition to your family. Be aware that my independent personality and high energy do require a little extra responsibility. Being strong-willed I can be difficult to train and have a tendency to chew, dig, and run away if left unattended. But I’m also very playful and affectionate. I’m quite social with strangers and good with children, but am less friendly toward other dogs and animals. Early socialization can help in this area.

As an Arctic breed I enjoy the cold, but in hot weather I need to be inside in air-conditioned comfort. I do require lots of outdoor exercise because I’m bred to run long distances. A daily jog, hike, or even a swim helps me stay well behaved in the house; I can be destructive when bored.

I’m a large breed, standing 23 to 25 inches tall and weighing between 75 and 85 pounds. The coloring of my dense coat can range from light gray to black, sable, or red. My undercoat is always white. I don’t need formal grooming, but brushing once or twice a week and an occasional bath will keep me looking my best. Be prepared for some extra brushing when my coat sheds twice a year.

During my 10- to 12-year life span, I am at risk for developing hip dysplasia and cataracts, with a lower risk for renal cortical hypoplasia and occasional gastric torsion (bloat).