American Eskimo Dog

If you’re looking for a lively and social family dog, maybe this “Eskie” is the one for you! I get along well with children, adults, and other animals and enjoy taking part in all sorts of activities. I am bright and independent, and love to run! I have strength and agility and am easy to train. I love to perform tricks but am also excellent at herding livestock, protecting property, or being a therapeutic companion. I will bark as an alert but never threaten to bite. Generally in the house I am well mannered and obedient.

I’m considered a medium-sized breed but can vary in weight from 20 to 40 pounds; I stand 15 to 19 inches tall. I do need daily exercise and mental activity to keep me from becoming bored and mischievous. A long walk or run is best for larger Eskies, while smaller dogs are fine with a yard game or brief walk. Given my Nordic heritage I do better in cold weather and should be kept primarily indoors in hot climates. My white double coat is thick and requires regular brushing and bathing to avoid matting; more attention is needed when my coat sheds.

I’m a healthy breed with no major health risks and only a minor risk of patellar luxation. With good diet, exercise, and regular care, I can be a loyal companion for 12 to 15 years.