Autralian Terrier

Looking for a terrier who is quiet and follows the rules? You’ve found me! Like most dogs in this group, I’m energetic and spunky, but I’m more obedient than other terriers. Family means a lot to me. I’m affectionate and closely attuned to them—often matching my mood to theirs. I’m lively and curious and don’t like to be bored, so be ready to play. I can sometimes be shy or aggressive with strangers. I’m fine with other dogs or household pets but can get bossy. Do watch the garden: like any terrier I love to dig. As for chasing squirrels and other small animals, I can’t be stopped—it’s in my DNA!

My wiry coat is rough and shaggy, longer on the chest and head with a soft undercoat. Weekly combing and occasional stripping of dead hairs will help me look my best. A few baths a year is plenty; otherwise, my coat becomes too soft. My coloring can be tan with a blue saddle, sandy, or red. I’m a small breed at only 10 or 11 inches in height and 12 to 14 pounds—perfect for a family with kids so we can have fun together.

My energetic lifestyle requires regular daily exercise at a good pace, whether a brisk walk, a rowdy game, or a safe-pen run. I’m lucky to have only limited health risks of Legg-Perthes, patellar subluxation, and diabetes and I require minimal veterinary care. My robust health and sturdy character help me enjoy a long 12- to 15-year life span.