Belgian Sheepdog

If a video game were casting for a dark sentinel character, I’d be a perfect choice. I’m alert, watchful, and strong with a deep black coat. Small patches of white may appear on my chest or feet. I’m a tough guardian of my family, more focused on protection than affection, but I do have a need to stay close to them. I don’t like being left alone. I’m friendly with dogs and other animals but can be distant or sometimes domineering with strangers.

Like other herding breeds I’m highly intelligent and easy to train. I have nonstop energy and appreciate having work to do. At minimum I require strenuous exercise and mental challenges each day; otherwise, boredom and frustration can cause me to be destructive. Because I’m constantly in motion and need room to move about during the day, apartment living is probably not a good option for me.

I’m considered a medium-sized dog, standing 22 to 26 inches tall and weighing 60 to 75 pounds. A thorough weekly brushing helps remove mats and tangles in my long soft coat, with more attention needed during shedding season. A quick brush once a day will help control loose hair around the house.

I should be a devoted family member for 10 to 12 years and present few health problems. I do have a slight risk for epilepsy and skin allergies, and occasionally can develop hip and elbow dysplasia or cancer.