Bernese Mountain Dog

Have you wondered if it’s possible to cross a dog with a big, cuddly teddy bear? I’m living proof! At 23 to 27 inches tall and weighing 70 to 120 pounds, I’m not going to fit in a lady’s pocketbook—but I’m calm, good-natured, and very gentle. Social and affectionate, I dislike being left alone, which can lead to barking and digging. I’m patient with children and friendly toward other animals but can be less open among unfamiliar people.

As a member of the working group of dogs, I’m naturally strong and intelligent. Given my size I need plenty of room and am not suited to a small apartment, but my energy level isn’t high. I love being outside, especially in cold weather. A half-hour leash walk or hike will meet my activity needs. Given my thick coat and size, I can develop heatstroke when active in hot weather.

My tricolor black, rust, and white coat and distinctive markings give me a happy, puppy-faced appearance. My long, lush coat sheds a lot. Frequent brushing and regular baths will control hair and keep me looking sharp.

I am susceptible to a number of health issues. Major risks include hip and elbow dysplasia, histiocytosis, and OCD. Less common issues include fragmented coronoid process, gastric bloat, and PRA. Although I have a relatively short life span of 7 to 9 years, my time with you will be filled with utter loyalty and devotion.