Bichon Frise

Any family seeking a cuddly, playful ball of fluff will happily welcome me. My happy-go-lucky demeanor brings a smile to everyone! Be aware that my cheerfulness can be expressed with a lot of barking. I’m an affectionate cuddler—my name means “curly lapdog”—who’s good with kids and friendly with unfamiliar people and animals. Human attention is as important as food and water to me; I’ll become anxious and mischievous if left home alone for too long.

Standing between 9 and 11 inches tall and weighing 7 to 10 pounds, I’m small but very active. My diminutive size means a zippy indoor game or short run in the yard or leash walk will meet my exercise needs. I’m smart and enjoy learning tricks. I’m a good match for new dog owners who live in an apartment. Go easy on the treats; I have a high tendency to gain weight.

My pure white coat is hair, not fur, meaning even those with an allergy to other dogs can comfortably enjoy my company. Keeping my hair soft and shapely does require a considerable commitment grooming. I don’t shed, but the hair grows constantly! Mats can be avoided with daily brushing and combing. Monthly baths, blow-drying, and clipping will help me look my best.

A cheerful attitude must be the key to a long life, for I tend to live between 12 and 15 years. Health problems are limited to patellar luxation with less frequent risk of tooth loss, bladder problems, and cataracts.