Formerly known as a Russian Wolfhound, I’m a dog with multiple personalities. Despite my size I carry myself with grace and elegance—yet outdoors I’ll chase small animals with blinding speed. Originally bred to hunt wolves and foxes, I’m very courageous. Yet I’m also very sweet and mellow with good manners. I’m comfortable with children but may be timid; with strangers I’m quite reserved. Though sensible and reserved, I can be a clown at times.

Despite my laid-back vibe, I’m a hound who needs ample exercise, preferably a long walk and an opportunity to really sprint. I’m bright, but my reserved independence can make training a bit difficult; patience is required. I do best with a house and yard, but my calm, quiet demeanor lets me adapt to apartment life—though I dislike being alone.

I have a long coat (fuller on males) that requires brushing a few times a week to avoid mats. Take note that I shed a lot, but my silky fur does resist dirt. I’m a very large dog at 26 to 28 inches tall, weighing from 75 to 105 pounds (females 60 to 85). My coat may be any solid color or combination of colors.