Bouvier des Flandres

With my continental French name, you might think I’m a delicate, pampered pet. But I’m a rugged, hardworking dog who will courageously protect my owners. Originally bred to herd livestock, I’m suited to life on the farm but also do well in a family with a house and yard. Indoors I’m calm and mannered, but outdoors I seek adventure. I’m independent, protective with unfamiliar people, and can be aggressive toward strange dogs.

I have strength and endurance and need to be active, so be prepared to join me on daily jogs, on long walks, or in lively play sessions. I enjoy frolicking with children but can nip at their heels like any good herder. I’m devoted to family and like to be around them; left alone I get bored and may bark and chew.

I’m a large dog weighing 70 to 100 pounds and standing stalwart and tall at 23 to 27 inches. I have a long, coarse outer coat that may be fawn, black, salt and pepper, or brindle. Sometimes I have a white star on my chest. I’m not a heavy shedder but do need brushing several times a week and a bath every 6 to 8 weeks. A professional trim every few months will keep me in fine form.

As a hardy, robust breed I’ll be part of the farm or family for 10 to 12 years. The only major potential health issue is hip dysplasia, with a limited potential for gastric bloat and entropion.