Bull Terrier

If you’re drawn to terriers with some heft, I’m ready to join the family. At 21 to 22 inches tall and 45 to 65 pounds, I’m a rambunctious clown with a distinctive egg-shaped head. My mischief score is off the charts. I’m always getting into something and can become destructive when bored. I have a strong need to chew, and my powerful jaws can wreak havoc. I’m also a barker. My family should set the rules and gently remind me who’s boss.

Despite my behavior quirks, I’m a playful charmer always out to entertain. I’m friendly toward strangers but reserved with other dogs. I love playing with older children but might be too rowdy for little ones. As you might imagine, I need lots of daily exercise and mental stimulation every day. Be warned that I do like to wander off. I can be stubborn, and housetraining can be difficult.

My short coat may be white with dark marking, or any color with or without white markings. My short, glossy hair only needs weekly brushing, with daily brushing required during twice yearly shedding seasons. Unless I manage to get into something stinky, a bath every other month should be sufficient, with a dry shampoo used as needed between baths.

Although not for everyone, I’m a fairly hearty breed and will live between 11 and 14 years with proper care. One major health concern is deafness for white bull terriers and kidney problems for all types. Heart problems and patellar luxation may also be an issue for me, and I have an occasional risk of lens luxation.