Searching for a gentle giant to be your trusted companion? I’m courageous and confident and will staunchly protect my family, yet I’m generally quite mellow and not known for barking. My size is often enough to intimidate intruders. I’m moderately affectionate, playful, and sometimes intense. I’m good with children but may be too much for little ones or fragile owners.

Originally bred as a guard dog, I’m okay being left alone for long periods but do want a lot of interaction when you come home. I can adapt to apartment living, although probably not in a tiny New York studio! I’m independent but obedient and like to please. A highly intelligent dog, I’m easy to train.

I’m a big specimen who needs a soft bed and room to stretch. I stand 24 to 27 inches tall and weigh between 100 and 130 pounds. Daily walks or short runs will keep me in shape; I’m not a high-energy breed. I don’t like hot, humid weather and should be kept indoors in summer. My coloring may be red, fawn, or brindle. I don’t shed, and a weekly brushing with a rubber curry will keep my short coat shiny and clean.

Primary areas of health concern are gastric bloat and hip or elbow dysplasia. Eye problems can also occur but are less common. I should be a sweet and noble member of the family for 8 to 10 years.