Cane Corso

Confident, take-charge people are the best match for me. A beautiful, noble, and majestic dog, I’m a loyal and assertive protector. Dedicated training and firm leadership are necessary to keep me in control; I’m not suitable for first-time dog owners. Without proper management I can become aggressive and dangerous.

I’m mellow in the home; trusted family members will get affection from me, but I don’t tolerate strangers or other dogs. An intelligent breed that’s easy to train, I can be bossy and will try to test your limits. I have a moderate tendency to bark and a strong drive to chase small prey; never let me off the leash outside an enclosed space!

I need brisk activity: about a mile-long brisk walk or jog twice a day is sufficient. Apartment life is not for me. I do well with a job such as herding livestock and enjoy regular mental challenges such as obedience courses.

Large and muscular, I’m no shrinking violet and need room to spread out. I stand 23 to 27 inches tall and weigh 90 to 120 pounds. My coat is short and stiff and may be black, red, gray, or fawn with or without a brindle pattern. Weekly brushing should keep me looking clean and sleek, with more care necessary during shedding seasons.

With the right owner I’ll be part of the family for about 10 to 12 years. Hip dysplasia can be a concern as well as eye problems, inherited demodectic mange, and gastric bloat.