Cardigan Welsh Corgi

If you think you’ve seen me hanging out with royalty, look again. Unlike Queen Elizabeth’s beloved Pembroke Corgis, I have a long, bushy tail—the distinguishing characteristic of Cardis. Despite my stout appearance, I’m quite agile and full of energy. Bred for herding, I’m also a good house dog with affection for strangers and other pets. I get along well with children and dislike being alone.

Fun is my game and I can be quite amusing, though I have a loud bark and am not shy about using it. Whether living in the country or a downtown apartment, I need regular exercise such as a brisk walk or game. My high intelligence makes me easy to train. Owners of stables appreciate my ability to move horses. I have an independent streak—preferring to do things my own way—and can be territorial at times.

My double, weather-resistant coat is medium length and may be red, sable, brindle, black, or blue merle. White flashings may appear on my neck, chest, legs, muzzle, and tail. I shed continuously and need frequent brushing; daily brushing and baths will help during heavy shedding seasons.

I’m a solid, medium-sized breed of 25 to 38 pounds and stand between 10and 13 inches tall. My health is generally good, with a risk of hip dysplasia and lower risk of retinal atrophy. Proper diet and care will keep me a devoted family companion for about 10 to 12 years.