Chinese Crested

I’ll be the first to admit, my looks aren’t for everyone. But I’m a gentle and devoted lapdog with a delightfully playful demeanor. I love to be with people and am very affectionate. I’m a good match for bedridden people, as I will snuggle with them for hours. I like children but can be easily hurt due to my small size. My highly social nature can make me a bit needy.

My general outlook on life is a happy one. I’m alert and intelligent—it takes me some time to accept strangers, and I can bark when suspicious and may even bite. I’m a good fit for apartment living and new dog owners.

My coloring can be solid or spotted in any combination of mahogany, blue, lavender, or copper. My face, legs, and tail have long hair. My body can have a powder-puff coat that should be brushed regularly, or I might be “hairless,” that is, covered in very tiny hairs that do not shed. Hairless Cresteds should be shaved regularly to avoid skin problems and clothed to protect us from cold. Note that hairless Cresteds are not hypoallergenic. I should be bathed weekly—and skip the moisturizers or sunblock for me, as they can cause pimples and other skin problems.

Fine-boned, elegant, and graceful, I’m a small dog at 11 to 13 inches tall and weighing 5 to 12 pounds. I have robust health with only a low risk of Legg-Perthes disease (degeneration of the long thigh bone). With proper care and diet, I’ll be a cherished companion for 13 to 15 years.