Clumber Spaniel

After a long, hard day hunting in the fields, I like nothing better than playing couch potato at home. If you’re a city dweller, we can stay in for days and watch old movies. I’m mellow and easygoing but also eager to please and devoted to family. I’ll often pick one person as my special favorite.

I’m bright and playful with a mischievous side—and can be a tad stubborn. As a spaniel I do like to get out, if only for a good walk around town. I’ll admit to being lazy, but once outside I enjoy myself and like to explore. I’m slow but have good endurance—and am quite adaptable to my owner’s activity level. I’ll play fetch with children until they tire.

I’m a good-sized dog at 17 to 20 inches tall and weighing 55 to 85 pounds (females are at the lighter end). I have a large head that’s built for patting. My primary color is white with lemon or orange markings. The soft coat is thick and straight with feathering at the ears, chest, and legs. I can be a heavy shedder and require daily brushing. Frequent baths are also helpful if I spend time outdoors. Like most spaniels, my ears should be checked for infections.

I’ll be your faithful foot warmer or field buddy for 10 to 12 years. Hip dysplasia and eyelid problems are primary health issues, with a lower risk of inverterbral disc problems. Epilepsy can also sometimes occur.