Don’t let my short legs fool you—I’m a lively, curious dog who’ll be eager to join you on adventures. I’m very affectionate and loving and a good playmate for family children, but can be reserved around unfamiliar people. Dachsunds with a wiry coat may be more mischievous; long-hairs tend to be more mellow. My compact size makes me good for apartment living, though I dislike being left alone.

I can be very stubborn and clever, so may require a little extra patience and management. Activity needs can be met with a long walk or some yard games. As a hound, I do like to hunt and dig and have a tendency to bark—making me a good, if not menacing, watchdog.

I’m short but solid, standing only 8 or 9 inches tall and weighing from 16 to 32 pounds. My coat may be smooth, long-haired, or wiry in a variety of colors and patterns that include red, cream, black, chocolate, blue, fawn, or grizzled. I’m a very clean breed with no odor. Wiry and long-haired varieties require regular brushing; smooth coats need minimal care. Pay attention to my floppy ears for signs of infection.

I’m a popular, long-lived breed with a life span of 12 to 14 years and few health problems. One major concern is invertebral disc disease; I can easily become overweight, making me more prone to this problem. Corneal inflammation can also occur, with limited risks for diabetes, epilepsy, kneecap luxation, deafness, and gastric bloat.