Hit movies and my delightful spotted coat have made me a popular breed—but take heed that I prefer a very active lifestyle! I am outgoing, am enthusiastic, and can run for miles. I get along well with people and animals, and I have a special connection with horses. Despite my legions of young movie fans, I’m not particularly patient with children.

A short walk isn’t enough to meet my exercise needs; a long brisk jog would be best, along with games and agility courses. I can adapt to apartment life but would prefer a house with a big yard—though be warned that I like to wander. I’m a smart and dignified breed—so training shouldn’t be difficult—but I am stubborn.

At birth my coat is nearly solid white and develops its distinctive spots over time. I’m a very clean breed with no odor and require minimal care—although my short hairs shed constantly. Weekly brushing with a rubber curry and a few baths a year are all I need. I’m a large dog, weighing 40 to 60 pounds and standing 19 to 23 inches tall—with a white coat randomly covered in black or deep-brown spots.

Major health issues are urinary bladder stones and deafness, which presents behavioral and training problems and can make me unsuitable for families with children. Allergies and epilepsy are additional, yet minor, concerns along with occasional hip dysplasia and vWD. On average I’ll be bounding by your side for 12 to 14 years.