Dogue De Bordeaux

Someone who appreciates French history—and strong working dogs—will find me a suitable match. I’m an ancient breed also known as a French Mastiff. I’m famous for my large head and imposing presence. I’m devoted to family and can be sweet and affectionate, although I have been known to be arrogant and stubborn. My natural guarding instinct will keep the family protected from intruders without aggressiveness. I am decidedly not friendly with strangers or other dogs.

Due to my size and character, I’m not the best fit for new dog owners or apartment dwellers. I may require extra patience during training, but exercise is not a high priority. A couple daily walks or a run in the yard will help keep me in shape. Focused and courageous, I’m more watchful than playful.

I’m a very large dog, weighing 120 to 144 pounds and standing 23 to 27 inches tall. My short coat is soft and not prone to shedding, and I have loose, thick skin. My coloring may be light fawn to dark red fawn. Grooming requires weekly brushing with a mitt to keep me looking my best. Although generally quiet, take note that I’m a big drooler!

Like many large breeds I have a fairly short life span of only 5 to 6 years. Health concerns include aortic stenosis and cardiomyopathy as well as hip dysplasia. Eye irritation problems may also occur.