English Toy Spaniel

Looking for a small lap warmer who’ll contentedly watch old movies with you on a rainy weekend? If so, I’m perfect for your leisurely life. I’m mellow and quiet, and I can be playful when the opportunity arises. I’m friendly with family but reserved with strangers. Children can make me nervous. I can be stubborn and even seem a bit snooty, but that might just be my pug-like face and glamorous coat. I’m pretty laid back.

I crave companionship, hate to be left alone, and can be sensitive. My low energy and quiet nature make me suitable for an apartment, and I’m easy to manage for a new pet owner. I’m bright and easy to train, but don’t expect me to be doing high-powered agility courses!

I have a long, silky coat with spaniel featuring on the legs and feet. Color patterns may be a rich mahogany red, white with chestnut or red markings, tricolor of white with black and tan markings, or black with mahogany markings. A weekly brushing will control hair and tangles, and remember to check my ears for signs of infection.

I’m a small sort at 10 to 11 inches tall and 8 to 14 pounds. Despite my diminutive size and lazy ways, I’m robust, with health problems limited to kneecap luxation, early tooth loss, and “lazy” tongue. My short muzzle does make me susceptible to heat exhaustion. Keep me cool and pampered and I’ll be your loving pal for 10 to 12 years.