Field Spaniel

Love spaniels but don’t want to spend half your life brushing and grooming? I’m low maintenance compared to my spaniel cousins—and will reward you with loads of playful affection. I’m independent but that doesn’t deter me from being quite friendly, though I will take some time to warm to strangers. I’m a devoted family companion who enjoys mellow play with children.

Primarily a house dog and rarely used for hunting, I’m bright and level-headed and enjoy having a job to make me feel important. I do need daily exercise and would prefer to run, but a long walk or game of fetch will help me burn off energy. Like most sporting dogs I can let my nose take over and wander off. Weight gain can be a problem, so go easy on treats.

At 17 to 18 inches tall and 35 to 50 pounds, I’m a medium-sized breed. My coloring can be black, liver, golden liver, or roan—and I may or may not have tan points. White at the chest or throat may also occur. My dense, single coat is water repellant and requires brushing only once or twice a week. Take heed: I do tend to drool and may snore by the fire.

My primary health concern is hip dysplasia, with a lower risk of otitis externa (ear inflammation) and kneecap luxation. Retinal atrophy and aortic stenosis can occasionally occur. Regular checkups and a sensible diet will help keep me healthy and happy for about 12 to 14 years.