Flat-Coated Retriever

Like the famous Disney character who never wanted to grow up, I’m an eternal puppy who’s always eager to play. Full of energy and life, I’m constantly on the move outdoors but easily quiet down in the house. I’m deeply devoted to my family and am friendly and affectionate with everyone I meet—human or animal. I’ll bark in greeting but am not a suitable guard dog; I’m too social.

One slight drawback to my youthful demeanor is that training may take more time and test your patience. I’d rather make you laugh than receive praise for a formal task. I’m a very active sort and need plenty of outdoor exercise daily, from hunting or swimming to a spirited run or obedience course. Limit treats so I don’t get chubby!

I’m a good-sized breed weighing 60 to 70 pounds and standing 23 to 24 inches tall. My water- and weather-resistant coat is moderately long with feathering at the ears, chest, legs, and tail. I have a neck mane of heavier hair, which is more pronounced in males. My solid coloring may be black or deep liver. I’m a moderate shedder (and drooler) but weekly brushing will keep hair in check and avoid tangles.

Part of what keeps me youthful for so long is my good health. I have only a minor risk of hip dysplasia and limited potential for retinal atrophy, epilepsy, and diabetes. As long as you keep tossing my favorite ball, I’ll happily retrieve it for 10 to 14 years.