German Shorthaired Pointer

Any hunting aficionado would be pleased to have me on the payroll. I’m as devoted to family as I am to field work and am adept at all gundog roles. Back home I’m affectionate, playful, and friendly to all comers—even kids—though my instincts may take over with small pets. I’m a sensitive soul and may get destructive if left alone. I may also whine and bark.

Bred to be an active hunter, I need at least an hour of vigorous exercise or mental activity if not in the field. I don’t do well in cold weather; towel me down after a wet day of work. I’m extremely bright and easy to train. I’m not stubborn but bore easily, and I can follow my nose and wander off. Given my need to be in the action, I’m not suited to a downtown apartment.

My coat does shed, but regular use of a bristle brush will control the short hairs. A chamois rub will help my coat shine. My ears should be checked regularly for infection. My coloring may be solid liver or liver and white in a ticked, patched, or roaned pattern. My sleek, muscular frame stands 21 to 25 inches and weighs 45 to 70 pounds.

With loving care and ample exercise, I should be a trusted companion for 12 to 14 years. One major health issue to watch for is lymphedema—and I have slight risk for hip dysplasia, gastric bloat, vWD, joint lameness, and eye problems.