German Wirehaired Pointer

Hunters and hikers seeking a tireless companion would be smart to welcome me into the fold. Out in the field I’m a skilled and versatile hunter on both land and water. At home I’m affectionate and playful, though perhaps too rowdy for little kids, and I may attach to one person. I can be independent and crafty; giving me a regular job will keep me happy. My protective nature makes me a good watchdog.

I’m a very active dog who needs at least an hour of vigorous outdoor exercise every day. Agility and obedience courses will keep my sharp mind stimulated, and I’m quite easy to train. I do have a tendency to bark and may wander off like any committed hunter. Given my energy level, apartment life isn’t best for me—and I dislike being alone.

At 22 to 26 inches in height and 45 to 75 pounds, I’m a medium-sized breed with a distinctive beard. My dense, wiry double coat is weather resistant, although I may have a long silky or wooly coat. My coloring can be solid liver or various patterns of liver and white. Wiry coats require limited brushing and stripping; long coats will need extra care.

I’m a robust breed with few health problems. Hip and elbow dysplasia are the only substantial concerns, with slight potential for eye problems or von Willebrand’s disease, which affects blood clotting. Proper nutrition and care will enable me to be a hardworking and trusted partner for 12 to 14 years.