Golden Retriever

You’ve probably seen me out and about with a big family; I’m one of America’s most popular breeds. I earn top marks in affection, playfulness, and friendliness and crave social interaction. Family is my top priority; I’ll be at your side wherever you go and want nothing more than to please you.

While a cuddly companion at home, deep down I’m still a retriever. I’ll play ball for hours and love carrying things in my mouth. I’m extremely obedient and easy to train, though barking can be an issue. Late to mature, I can act like a silly puppy to age 4. Daily exercise and games will keep me settled. I’m very smart and easy to train, and I’m a good choice for new dog owners.

In addition to my gentle personality, I’m beloved for my beautiful gold coat. It’s weather resistant but sheds—a lot. Looking lovely doesn’t come easy: brush me every day and give me a bath once a month. Trimming isn’t necessary, but do check my ears weekly for infection. I can tend to drool. I’m a big, sweet dog at 55 to 75 pounds and 21 to 24 inches tall.

Prolific breeding does put me at higher risk for health problems. Major issues to watch for are hip and elbow dysplasia and cataracts. Additional but less common issues are eye problems, dermatitis, aortic stenosis, joint lameness, allergies, vWD, and cardiomyopathy. With good care, I’ll be a loving and devoted family companion for 10 to 13 years.