Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

If you have a cattle or some property that needs guarding, I’m reporting for duty. I’m a hardworking breed capable of herding livestock and hauling carts. Off the clock I’m very sensitive and affectionate, especially with kids, though I can be too big and rambunctious for little ones. I am devoted to family and make an alert and courageous watchdog with a deep bark.

While I’m a gentle soul I do have a stubborn streak that requires firm discipline and training. I can be sensitive and respond best to kind and confident leadership. As an Alpine native I love being outside, especially in winter, and need a good exercise session every day—whether a walking, playing a spirited game, or carting debris. Ability and obedience courses can give my body and mind a workout.

Make sure I have room to stretch out at home; I weigh 85 to 140 pounds and stand 23 to 28 inches tall. Early exposure to people is important so I don’t bowl them over as I get larger. My black coat with white and rust markings at the face and feet give me a puppy-like appearance. I don’t shed much, so brushing once or twice a week—and a bath as needed—will keep me looking my best.

Families who have Swissies can depend on our faithful dedication for 10 to 12 years. Potential health issues include hip and elbow dysplasia and gastric bloat, with lesser risk for joint lameness, bone inflammation, and eye problems.