As the fastest breed of dog, I’ll always beat you in a race—straight to the couch! When I’m not running full-out I’m very mellow and gentle, sometimes downright lazy. I’m playful and good with children and other dogs, and I enjoy family affection. With strangers I can be a bit reserved, a reflection of my noble character. I dislike being alone.

For daily exercise a brisk walk or short sprint in a safe, enclosed area is fine; I’m not built for marathons. Take note that I will chase small animals outside and can quickly be out of sight. I’m easy to train and not very vocal. I can be a bit of a prima donna and enjoy a soft, warm bed—and I do not tolerate cold weather.

Bred for chasing fast hares in the field, I’m a sleek and lithe specimen standing 27 to 30 inches and weighing 60 to 70 pounds. My short, soft coat can be solid gray, fawn, black, blue, red, or white, or it can be brindle or parti-color (white with one or more colors). I do shed, and daily brushing with a curry mitt will control the hair. Dental health can be an issue in greyhounds, so please brush my teeth regularly.

On average I can snooze by the family fire for 10 to 13 years, with limited health issues other than a minor risk for esophageal achalasia (swallowing difficulty), gastric bloat, and bone cancer. Former racing dogs may have injuries to the toes, hocks, or muscles.