Ibizan Hound

If you’re a fan of ancient history, you may have seen my ancestors standing next to their owners, the Egyptian pharaohs. My Beezer nickname doesn’t reflect my regal lineage but does capture my playful, sometimes silly, demeanor. I’m a gentle, quiet, and mannered dog who is extremely devoted to family, yet I’m somewhat reserved when it comes to affection. I don’t like being left alone—or walking out in the cold.

My sleek, bony body is built to chase rabbits and requires a soft bed. I’m a top-notch jumper and can be on the counter in a flash—don’t leave food out! I’m smart but training may take some patience. Long daily walks, jogs, or agility courses should fit the bill for exercise, although I appreciate a chance to open up and run. I have powerful senses of hearing and smell and will chase small prey, so keep me in an enclosed area with a tall fence.

I’m very quick for my size; I stand 22 to 27 inches tall and weigh 45 to 50 pounds. My coat can be short or wiry and requires limited attention—a weekly brushing and occasional bath are all I need. My coat color may be white, red, or a mix of the two and is capped by a unique flesh-colored nose and bat ears. I’m a very healthy breed with only a slight risk for deafness. With love and care I’ll be part of your family’s royal court for about 12 to 14 years.