Italian Greyhound

I’m a perfect fit for people who admire the sleek grace of a standard greyhound but want the lapdog experience. Like my larger cousins, I’m built to run yet am remarkably sweet and gentle. I’m extremely affectionate, devoted to family, and good with children but can be shy and often timid with strangers. I love to play but can easily be hurt by rowdy kids and other animals. My dainty build makes me prone to leg and tail fractures.

I have a moderate energy level that can be satisfied with a long walk or some indoor games. An occasional sprint in a fenced yard will meet my need for speed. I will wander off or chase small prey if I have the chance. Training requires patience and a kind nature so I don’t become fearful or snappish. I’m well suited to apartment living, though I hate being alone.

I’m a wisp of a dog at 7 to 14 pounds and 13 to 15 inches tall. My fine, short coat has a satiny sheen and soft feel, and can be any solid shade of cream, fawn, red, blue, or black, occasionally with white markings. I shed less than my larger cousins, so only need an occasional brushing and bath.

Given proper care and diet, I’ll be snuggling with you on the couch for 12 to 15 years. One main area of concern is periodontal disease, so brush my teeth regularly. Less common health concerns are epilepsy, kneecap luxation, and retinal atrophy, which can cause blindness.