Japanese Chin

A family that’s debating whether to get a dog or a cat might find me the perfect compromise. I’m a perky little lapdog who often acts like a cat—perching in high places, grooming myself, swatting at objects, and even climbing! I’m a sensitive, affectionate soul who sticks close to my family and is a friend to everyone. I’m a good playmate for older kids but may be too small for excitable little ones.

I’m easy to train as long as you don’t bore me with repetition. Learning new tricks is a favorite activity, and a short walk or game will meet my need for exercise. I don’t do well in extremes of hot or cold. Apartment living is fine, though I hate being alone.

I’m a tiny bundle of fluff, standing 8 to 11 inches tall and weighing only 4 to 7 pounds. My long, silky coat has a thick mane, feathered legs and ears, and plume tail. My coloring may be black and white, with occasional tan points, or red and white. Daily use of a pin brush will fight tangling, and a good weekly brushing will control shedding. A bath or dry shampoo once a month is fine, though I’m generally quite clean.

With loving care and regular checkups, I’ll be playing and snuggling with the family for 12 to 14 years. I have no major health issues that warrant concern, but I am at a slight risk for kneecap luxation, dwarfism, and eye problems, with a limited potential for epilepsy.