A mix of classic large breeds, I’m a striking dog who will be a devoted friend for the right person. Although calm and even-tempered with a sweet expression, my size and stubbornness can make me a handful for new dog owners. I’m very friendly with family and love kids, but I’m less welcoming to strangers. With a head like a lion and a monstrous bark, I make an excellent watchdog, though I’m not particularly aggressive.

Any very large dog requires extra responsibility; my cute antics when I’m a month old can be destructive and dangerous when I’m 150 pounds. Early exposure to people and situations can avoid later problems. I like to learn and please my owner, but training can take time. A long walk or swim will burn off energy, while pulling a wagon full of kids or lawn clippings will help this working dog feel useful and help me avoid becoming overweight.

I stand 25 to 31 inches tall and weigh 120 to 170 pounds. My coloring may be golden yellow to reddish brown with a distinctive black mask on the face. My coat is heavy and water resistant but soft, and it sheds a lot. Brushing at least every few days is necessary, with more attention during heavy shedding periods. Also be prepared for drool.

Compared to many giant breeds, I have a long life span of 10 to 12 years. Hip dysplasia is a primary health concern. Other issues include heart problems, cancers, allergies, eye problems, thyroid disorders, digestive problems, and cartilage disorder.