Lhasa Apso

If you’re a fan of undercover spy stories, take note—beneath my frilly fashion I’m a tough little character who’ll boldly defend the family. Many are surprised by my protective nature; look elsewhere if you want a marshmallow, or be prepared to soften this tendency in my first year.

When not fending off strangers, I’m a playful and affectionate family companion, though I’m reserved around children and can nip at little ones. I look like a clown and can act like one, but I can also be dignified and aloof. I do well in a small apartment and with new dog owners and can handle being left alone.

I’m independent and not exceedingly bright, so obedience training can be tricky. I do respond to treats, so watch my weight! A short walk or indoor game will meet my daily activity needs. I won’t wander off but will chase small animals—and I can’t tolerate extreme weather.

I’m a complex dog in a 13 to 15 pound package, standing 10 to 11 inches tall. Not surprisingly, my long, flowing coat requires some effort. Daily brushing and combing will control tangles; regular baths and professional grooming are also necessary to maintain my lovely locks. My coloring may be black, white, honey, slate, or parti-color.

Underneath all this hair lies a fairly healthy dog who will entertain you for 12 to 14 years. Minor health issues include skin and eye problems. Hip dysplasia may occasionally be a problem along with vWD blood clotting syndrome.