Manchester Terrier

If you’re a cat person, I’m the breed for you. I’m clean, independent, and need alone time—
I’m even a good mouser! Originally bred to kill rats, I look like a mini-Doberman yet have my own personality. I’m a typical terrier: energetic, curious, and stubborn, and I love to bark and dig around for things. I will, though, behave in the house when told. I’m affectionate and playful but reserved with strangers and kids. Being alone can make me anxious and destructive.

My small size makes me good for a New York apartment, but keep me protected in January cold! I’m a quick learner so training is pretty easy, but when I’m in a solitary mood I may snap. I’m spirited and lively, and my exercise needs can be met with a moderate walk or fun romp in an enclosed park. Remember, more exercise means less mischief! After a day of play, I like a soft, warm bed to rest my thin frame—which is 15 to 16 inches tall and weighs 12 to 22 pounds.

My coat is totally wash-and-wear—just brush me once a week with a rubber mitt to remove the fine, dead hair and avoid matting. I do shed heavily in spring and fall, so I need a little extra attention then. My coloring is limited to a mix of black and tan.

I’m a sturdy little dog who’ll be a loyal family friend for 14 to 16 years. I’m prone to only a few health issues, including lens luxation, epilepsy, and fragile skin disorder.