Norwich Terrier

My adorable, impish looks may be fit for a children’s cartoon, but watch out: I can be a handful! Nonstop antics and an intense zest for life may require a little extra patience and good humor. I’m very affectionate and friendly, and I enjoy playing with kids. If mice are a problem, you won’t need a cat—I was originally bred as a ratter.

I’m good in any weather and suitable for new dog owners in an apartment complex, though like all terriers I will bark and dig. I’m a smart little tyke and pretty easy to train, but I’ll bolt if I see a small animal or an opening. I prefer having a job to do; obedience and agility courses will burn off energy and make me feel important. A brisk walk or run every day will decrease mischief indoors. I can become overweight, so treats should be limited.

I look a lot like my Norfolk cousin, but with pricked-up ears. My coat is wiry over a downy undercoat and may be red, wheaten, black and tan, or grizzle (red or black hairs with white). I don’t shed much; weekly brushing and occasional stripping of dead hairs will keep me looking sharp and not too scruffy. I’m one of the smallest terriers, typically approximately 12 pounds and 10 inches tall.

With proper diet, care, and lots of love, I’ll be zipping around the house for 13 to 15 years. Health problems to watch for include cardiomyopathy, kneecap luxation, tracheal collapse, and epilepsy.