Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Tollen, an Old English word meaning “to entice,” describes how I lure waterfowl on a hunt—and endear myself to everyone. I still serve hunters in modern times, but I’m also content to hang at home with a loving, active family. An affectionate dog who’s great with kids and a friend to all, I’m bright and happy, though a bit self-centered. My independence and enthusiasm might be too much for a new dog owner.

Training will require firmness and patience, but when I accept that you’re the boss, I learn readily. Tollers don’t bark often but will scream at a high pitch when excited or frustrated—which is probably not pleasant for apartment neighbors! I need a brisk long walk, jog, or an agility session every day to burn off excess energy—or I may chew and dig.

I’m the smallest of the retriever breeds at 17 to 21 inches tall and 35 to 50 pounds. My double coat is medium length and repels water, with fox-like red or orange coloring. I do shed (and drool), but weekly brushing should control hair and matting. Daily brushing may be necessary in spring and fall.

With good care I’ll be tracking ducks in the marshes or chasing balls in the yard for 10 to 14 years, but a few health issues should be considered. In addition to hip dysplasia and retinal atrophy, collie eye syndrome may appear by age 2 and lead to blindness. Deafness may also occur, beginning around age 7.