Portuguese Water Dog

We’ve enjoyed a high profile lately, given that some Porties have been living in the White House for several years. Like my poodle cousin, my hair doesn’t bother people with allergies. This is why we were welcomed into the First Family—and because we’re lovable, friendly, and full of fun! Originally bred as a fisherman’s helper, if you live near water I’ll be ecstatic, though my exercise needs can be met with a long walk or jog.

I can be a clown, so kids adore me, but I’m more reserved with strangers. I do tend to bark and chew. My sharp intelligence and responsive nature make training easy, even with new dog owners. Without ample exercise I can become destructive; sign me up for extra agility courses to keep my mind and body actively challenged.

My coat can be curly or wavy and rarely sheds. A good combing every couple days—and an occasional trim—will keep me in fine form. Rinse me in fresh water after swimming to remove salt or chemicals. My coloring can be white, black, or brown—with or without white markings. My sizable frame is 17 to 23 inches tall and 35 to 60 pounds; webbed feet make me a great swimmer. I’m slow to mature, so more puppy time for you!

Possible health issues that may affect me include hip dysplasia, eye problems, and glycogen storage disease. Take me on as your partner in adventure, and I’ll be happily by your side for 10 to 14 years.