Looking for a dreadlocked pal to accompany you to reggae festivals? My corded coat makes me one of the world’s most unique dogs. It takes four years for the cords to grow in fully, and be prepared to spend considerable time on grooming. The cords are never brushed but must be hand-separated and twirled. Bathing is a chore—and I can take a day or more to dry completely. My coat can be trimmed short, but then I wouldn’t be a true Puli!

Despite my funky, laid-back looks, I’m an affectionate and energetic dog with a headstrong attitude, and I may try to run the house. After all, I still work herding sheep in my native Hungary. I’m smart and sensitive to people, even serving as a therapy dog. Take note that I am a barker—firm, early training will help lessen bad habits. Given my grooming needs and strong will, I may be too much for inexperienced dog owners.

A fun game or brisk daily walk will meet my exercise needs. Don’t expect me to be friendly with other dogs we might encounter on the way, and I may chase small animals.

My coat is usually a weathered black but may also be white or gray. The corded hairs don’t shed and are considered hypoallergenic. My frame is fairly small under all that hair: 25 to 35 pounds and 16 to 17 inches tall. I’m quite healthy, with hip dysplasia and occasional retinal atrophy being the only concerns. I’ll be part of the family for 12 to 16 years.