Redbone Coonhound

Hunters looking for a confident and trustworthy partner will be happy to welcome me into the fold. Agile and adaptable, I have endless stamina and can hunt in mountain terrain, flatlands, and water. Off the clock I’m mellow at home, with the classic sad hound face that makes it difficult to resist please for treats. I’m gentle and affectionate, and I enjoy children, though I can be too boisterous for little ones. I love being near family but won’t be constantly at your feet.

After a session of hunting, swimming, or running, I’ll need a long rest; I won’t make mischief to burn excess energy in the house. Like any hound I will bark and howl. This can be minimized with early training but is part of my hunting instinct and can be helpful if I’m a watchdog. I do need space to move and am probably not a good fit for apartment living.

I’m a lean, athletic dog weighing 45 to 70 pounds and standing 21 to 27 inches tall. It can take me two years to reach full maturity. My handsome red coat is short and smooth, and it requires minimal attention. I’m not a heavy shedder; occasional brushing with a hound mitt will take care of any loose hairs. My floppy ears should be checked regularly for possible infection. Be prepared to clean up some drool!

I’m a fairly healthy dog who enjoys being with my family and lives about 11 to 12 years. One health issue to watch for is hip dysplasia.